Thursday, September 17, 2009


actually this is a late happened last september 31,when we went home at vigan for a two day vacation.

i must admit it, we did have a lot of fun.spending just a day with our old high school friends feels like it wasn't enough with us because the feeling that we haven't seen each other for a long time..and the fact that we've missed the bonding we have shared during our high school life..

i was with truman, maricon,grace,and kim that day..we went to different places in vigan..we ate special EMPANADA[hmmm..yummy]..we also went to HIDDEN GARDEN,BALUARTE.etc..the thing ive liked the most that we did was when we rode on a KALESA..[weeehh.]such a nice one..
that day it seems that i and truman were first time in vigan and felt like we're tourists..[hahaha]

anyway while we were in hidden garden we were reminiscing the past during our high school days,we were laughing at those funny moments and we were also teasing each other because we remembered some of our "kalokohan"..:D:D..we were also *full that day.we ate a lot of foods like empanada,mcflurry,chicken fillet,etc..but what more with kim and truman who ate also halo halo[hmmmm..burp]....haha

that time i have the feeling that i don't wanna end up the day anymore..i had too much fun!!but i know still it wuld happen again..

"pictures fade but memories last forever"

'till next time VIGAN.......



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