Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Sunday Whiteout

Sept. 20, 2009

After i had watched the shiw at Camp John Hay, i went to session road to see Non and Regine.. We also went to buy my lunch (yum)..

After I ate my lunch that day :)
We took a taxi to go to SM because Regine don't want us to walk..

As we entered the SM :) we went to 4th floor to see what movie is showing. The following movies are In My Life, UP, The Grudge 3 and Whiteout.

We chose Whiteout because the title seems very catchy :)

We went to the ticket booth 1:18pm, the next time will be 2:55pm, so we walk around the SM, canvass some cose bags to buy on Wednesday :)

We already entered the movie house, ready ourselves to watch that strange movie.

As the movie started, we caught by its breath taking intro.. :)

After few minutes, i didn't notice that i fell sleep.. haha :D

i just made the movie house into my own bedroom..WTF :P

few minutes ago after the movie, we took some pictures .. []

We took pictures near the CR and the exit., such a nice day :)

After the Movie, we went to McDonalds to eat our dinner..

that's it

xoxo :D



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