Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a pRomise of foReVer

Maybe i was wrong to hold too tight
Without even knowing that you might
i thought we can do it forever
with both of us, not letting go of each other

I closed my eyes as i watch you
walking away saying "i love you"
how could this happen to us so
you know that i can't even live without you

it was never easy to ease the pain
my love for you will always remain
is it really over?are we done forever?
now my heart and my soul,i can't find it nowhere

you made a promise that we'll be forever
by just holding tight at each other
but look what had happened now
is this the one you've made me to expect before?

i've loved you more than enough
with you i only find my sorrows and laughs
sad to say its almost over
the promise of forever will always be never....

-this poem is for a special friend..hope she'll like it..:))



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