Monday, August 24, 2009

we call this LiFE x)

this past few days we can't get rid of going to SM truman said,we are there for window shopping,EAT.EAT.EAt..and of course to unwind..this day truman bought a shirt at penshoppe,and he also treat me for a mcflurry..(wweeehhh):D:D(rich truman)
we also had dinner together wid maff and shanon(my college friends)..after eating,we also recorded funny videos of maffy..such a funny one..:D:D but there's one reason why i like going to sm..i think im addicted playing basketball at quantum..:D this day was my highest point,72 points..:D:D(cheers for my achievement)..ahaha anyway,after we had a non stop fun again this day,we went home riding in one taxi..we're tired but we enjoyed..:))



One week invasion :D

7 days in SM :D


window shopping is happening everytime our feet step on SM, eat and then walk. we never tried to buy. but in the last day, Regine bought heels in so! fab :) fabuloza!

we also went to our boarding house to TAMBAY there. SLURP SLURP SLURP.. where all FULL, Mafy also vomited, eww.. yucky.. what the heck maf!

* sometimes we need to go to other places to find happiness that we wanted*


Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Depression

I would like to share with you our experience today (August 14, 2009).

We came from Partas Terminal to get my package from my mom, composed of *secret* things. After we picked my package, we went to SM to make some walk, we eat our dinner at GW, we went to McDo for our dessert, mcFlurry.

There was a guy whom i gave the number of Regine, they were texting each other, then that guy i'm talking about was also in SM, that guy saw regine but regine didn't saw Lester :D. Then, Regine was disappointed because of that. Later on, as we was walking at Ses-Yon, we were laughing because of "Chunabelle" (hahaha). As we continuously walking, we all laughed out because of that. Then suddenly when we already at our houses, Regine got this horrible news that because of it she wants to breakdown. haixxxxxt!

Wat a Happy but terrible day :(


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Authors :P

It's all about us

-both ordinary students from two different schools
-every Sunday means "gala day" for us
-love to "laugh out loud"
-addicted to mcflurry and frapuccino:D:D
-"suki ng GW.Mcdo.penshoppe":P:D
-we've been best friends for almost many years
-we love to name other people as the name we want to call them
-we love to *surf* in the net to make some "talk"

~College of Nursing~
~University of Cordilleras~

~College of Engineering and Architecture~
~Saint Louis University~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday Blow Out :)

This event happened a week after the celebration of my bestfriend REGiNE :).. Greenwich.. Starbuck etc.. yummy stuffs :D

It was a great celebration with my bestfriend, even though i didn't attend her real celebration (July 18, 2009), she'd still invite me to treat for lunch and so. *i dont have anything for her :D*. After eating at Greenwich, we took a walk around SM, ow! I almost forgot, some HRM students took their seminar at Hotel Veniz that day, from UC, UNP and so. It was then my bestfriend experienced MEET UPs, she met a boy from UNP, :) the name of the boy was *tooot*, they were texting each other that aftie, my bestfriend was so nervous.. (first time nga naman.!) Then, I pleased her to go to Quantum for entertainment, although I didn't play :( (where's entertainment?), they met at the outside of Quantum, Regine is shocked because she didn't expect to meet *tooot* there, they exchanged their thoughts to each other. I simply came inside but truly, I went to the CR :).

After meeting up, we decided again to walk, walk, walk.. accidentally, we did see them in our way going out of the mall, Regine is always pleasing me to go inside again ( wala nmn ako mggwa :D) then we went in again to the SM, once again, she did see *toot* again, that 6pm, we already went home.. on our way going down, REGiNE made here "drama" thing again on me, saying that we're going to go back again, but this time it's too late.. :) so we ended going to jeepneys.. :) SUCH a GREAT DAY.. WONDERFUL.. CHEERFUL.. even if its RAINY :D